About the "Zukunftsquiz"

The new digital „Zukunftsquiz“ (future quiz) by OmasForFuture provides low-level information about the connection between climate and health and shows how each individual can contribute to the "climate action from below". The low level online quiz allows to directly dive into various subject groups around everyday facts of climate change. It features a solo mode, a challenge mode to compete against others and several specific tipps to integrate climate-savvy behavior into everyday life.

OmasForFuture were founded in Leipzig in 2019 for the Gen50+. They are around 80 regional groups throughout Germany, as well as activists in Austria and Netherlands. They are part of GrandparentsForFuture.

State of the project

Currently the project is in development. While a group of 3 WebDevelopers designs and implements the quiz, there is a lot of behind the scenes activity amongst the members of OmasForFuture. Some of them participate as a focus and feedback group to steer development in the right direction. Some others collect quiz questions and make them joyful and useful.

See the blog "Aktuelles" (left side) for more infos in German.